LSZH Fiber Optic Cable

When choosing the fiber optic cable for any application, we need to consider the environment where the fiber optic cable will be used. Will the fiber optic cables work well and safely in the environment? What might happen if the cables meet some extreme situations? We must take human safety and environmental protection into consideration when selecting the appropriate cabling solution. Then you can concern the LSZH fiber optic cable in a lot of situations.


What is LSZH Fiber Optic Cable?
LSZH fiber optic cable has no difference from other fiber optic cables, but it has a special cable jacket which is made of LSZH materials. LSZH stands for Low Smoke, Zero Halogen. This type of cable jacket has excellent fiber safety characteristics of low smoke, low toxicity and low corrosion. This is because LSZH materials are free of halogenated materials like Fluorine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I) and Astatine (At), which are reported to be capable of being transformed into toxic and corrosive matter during combustion and decomposition. LSZH fiber optic cable is now being widely used in many places.

Characteristics of LSZH Fiber Optic Cable
The main characteristics of LSZH fiber optic cables are as following:

  • Release no dangerous smoke and gas during confusion
  • Low emission of toxic gases and halogens during decomposition
  • Low corrosion
  • High flame retardant

The Types of LSZH Fiber Optic Cable
Currently, there are hundreds of different kinds of LSZH fiber optic cables provided for many different uses. The major types of LSZH fiber optic cables now being provided are as following:

  • Single-mode LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Multi-mode LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Double jacket LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Single jacket LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Gel-filled LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Strength membered LSZH fiber optic cables
  • FTTH LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Indoor LSZH fiber optic cables
  • Outdoor LSZH fiber optic cables

Why do We Choose LSZH Fiber Optic Cable?
For the Safety
According to researches, most fire-related deaths are not actually caused by the fire, but by inhalation of large quantities of smoke and toxic gas. Wires and cables might be damaged and burned by the fire and short circuit. Some cables like PVC will release a lot of toxic gas and corrosive matter during the fire. As LSZH material has the characteristics of low smoke, low toxicity, low corrosion and high flame retardant, the choosing of LSZH fiber optic cable in some public space like train, hospital, subway and school is really necessary.
Go for Green
The LSZH fiber optic cable has an environment friendly cable jacket, which satisfies the global need of environment protection. It releases low smoke and low toxic matter during the confusion and decomposition. There is no reason not to use LSZH fiber optic cable when it is appropriate, because the environmental protection is now a pressing problem all over the world.
LSZH fiber optic cable with a good performance in the environmental protection and safety, can be a good choice of many cable installations.

Applications of LSZH Fiber Optic Cable
LSZH fiber optic cable now can be found in many places, especially some public places. Now some places have been asked to use LSZH fiber optic cable in the cabling solution because of its performance. The major uses of LSZH fiber optic cable can be found in the following areas.

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • High buildings
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Commercial centers
  • Sports centers
  • Mass transit rail systems
  • Nuclear plants
  • Oil refineries and any other applications where the protection of people and equipment from toxic matter and gases is critical.

Now with the development of cables, many areas are using LSZH fiber optic cables. However, the application of LSZH fiber optic cables can still be found in many other areas in the future. It is a kind of fiber optic cable with great prospect.

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